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End-of-Course (EOC) Exams
EOC tests are given as follows:
Math (May 5-9) English (April 28-May2)
Social Studies (May 12-16)
Science (May 12-16)
Algebra I          English I           Government Biology          
Algebra II English II American History  

2014 Testing Dates: April 28-May 2, May 5-9, May 12-16.

Each EOC exam will count for 10% of the student’s grade for the semester in the corresponding course. These exams are designed to directly assess the content learned for the specific course. All exams will be completed online. Students and parents will be promptly notified of results since these scores will affect semester grades.
Traditionally, Bolivar High School students have done very well on a variety of state and national tests. We believe our past successes are due in part to excellent instruction provided by highly qualified teachers using research-based practices. We also realize much of our success is due to incredible support from our parents and community. You can continue to help support your child’s education by reviewing the expectations below and discussing the EOC exams with your student. We are confident Bolivar students are learning and achieving at a high level and look forward to our test results confirming the outstanding efforts of the BHS community.

The following are extremely important for EOC exams or for any other standardized test. Please encourage your student to do his or her best!
  • Make sure your student gets plenty of sleep the night before the test.
  • Make sure your student eats breakfast the day of the test. We have breakfast available everyday in the high school.
  • Attendance and promptness are critical. We need all students here for assigned testing sessions. Late students will not be allowed to enter testing sessions. Please don’t schedule appointments during the assigned testing sessions.
  • Encourage your student to do his/her best! The EOC exam will be 10% of the semester grade.
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