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Monday, July 27, 2015 12:44

Bolivar High School Annual Registration and Schedule Pickup August 5th-6th, 2015

Welcome to our new school year at BHS!

Everyone must complete the annual registration activity either Wednesday, August 5th from 10:00AM-4:00PM or Thursday, August 6th from 7:00AM-7:00PM in the BHS gym (expect to be here 45-60 minutes). Each student will submit paperwork, have school pictures, and receive locker assignments. Freshmen and juniors will also go through the health fair. After completing the registration process, students will receive the schedule of classes and have the opportunity to receive their personal Chromebook to use for the school year. In order to participate in the Chromebook program, a parent must be at registration along with the student. More information about the 1:1 program is provided in the video below.

The required forms for registration can be found online at This year you may also pay fees online via the link on the school website. Completing the forms and making payments in advance will save you time during the registration day process!


REQUIRED You must pay for any Unpaid Fines or Fees carried over from the previous (2014-2015) school year.  Please be prepared to take care of previous debt.
REQUIRED Student Health Information Form – all students must submit a completed student health information form each year.   Please bring completed form with you to registration.
REQUIRED School Pictures will be taken during registration by Stephens Studio.  Students are not required to purchase a picture package. ALL STUDENTS ARE REQUIRED TO TAKE A PICTURE FOR SIS (Student Information System) PURPOSES.  PLEASE DRESS ACCORDINGLY. If you would like to purchase your student pictures, multiple packages are available.  An order form is included with this mailing.
OPTIONAL School Lunch Account: Each student should complete the Free & Reduced Lunch form. Please submit only one form per Family. Regular price breakfast: $1.20; Regular price lunch: $2.25. F/R Lunch Forms will be available at registration day. All lunch purchases, including ala carte, require using the student’s lunch account.
OPTIONAL This year you must register in advance to receive Student Parking Passes on registration day. Eligible students must have their parking request form submitted to the BHS Attendance Office no later than Tuesday, August 3rd by 3:00pm to receive a parking pass at registration day.  Most students completed this form at the end of school or during summer school. Students will need to present proof of license and insurance at registration day, and submit a drug testing form if not done previously. The fee to receive a parking permit is $20.00. Parking permits will be assigned by class (seniors first, then juniors) and student attendance.  Since parking spots are assigned in advance, there is NO advantage in arriving early on the morning of registration day.
OPTIONAL To receive the personal Chromebook to use during the school year, each student and parent must read the 1:1 Student/Parent Handbook, sign the take-home agreement form, and pay the $25.00 annual damage waiver fee. Information about the Chromebook program can be found at
Every student will need a device for class each day, but there are three options: 1. Participate in the take-home program ($25), 2. Check out a Chromebook each day at school (free), or 3. Bring your own device capable of running the Chrome web browser.


Incoming 9th Graders

Incoming 9th graders will have Freshmen IGNITE on Tuesday, August 11th from 8:00AM-1:30PM. We have a variety of activities planned to help incoming freshmen feel great about starting high school. There will be games, prizes, fun, and food during this action-packed day. During this time, students will also reconnect with classmates, meet all their teachers, and meet the junior or senior who will serve as the student’s mentor.


Back-to-School Night and Senior Trip Meeting

On Tuesday, August 18th at 6PM BHS will host a Back-to-School Night.  We will kick off the evening in the auditorium with a short address from the BHS principals.  At about 6:20 we will begin an eight period schedule so that you can go from class to class meeting your child's teachers in the rooms they are learning.  Each "class" will be eight minutes long with a four minute passing period to get to the next class.

This opportunity will allow you to match the name and face of teachers, learn more about how Chromebooks are being used at BHS, and better understand classroom expectations along with what your child will be learning.

Prior to the Back-to-School Night, there will be a Senior Trip meeting at 5:30PM, also in the auditorium.

Please remember to print out/bring your child's class schedule that night so you know which teachers and classrooms to visit and when.

School Start

First day of school is Thursday, August 13th. BHS classes start at 8:10 a.m. and end at 3:00 p.m.


School Supplies

Students will need a notebook and pencil/pen for the first day of classes. Teachers will disclose other needed supplies in their class syllabus.

Changes to Contact Info (Address, Phone, and Email)

If you have changes to your contact information, including address, phone number(s), and/or email, please call the high school office so that we can update your information—326-5228.

Athletic Practices

Monday, August 3rd is the first day of fall sports practices. All student athletes must complete the following prior to the first practice: physical, proof of insurance, drug testing consent form, athletic handbook form signed, activity fee paid, and attend mandatory athlete/parent meeting. Forms are available online at After completing these requirements, each athlete will obtain a practice pass from the AD's office that will allow participation in practices.

The fall mandatory meeting for all athletes and parents is Sunday, August 2nd at 5:00 p.m. in the BHS auditorium. All paperwork and fees will be collected at the meeting. If you cannot attend the meeting on Sunday, August 2nd, there will be a second meeting on Monday, August 4th at 7 a.m., also in the BHS auditorium.

Middle school activity fees can be paid at the middle school office and high school activity fees need to be paid to Mr. Schrader, Bolivar R-1 Activities Director. Middle school activity fees are $30.00 per year and the high school activity fee is $50.00 per year. ALL ACTIVITY FEES MUST BE PAID before the first practice. Checks are payable to Bolivar Schools.

Random Student Drug Testing

All students in grades 7-12 who participate in any co-curricular or extracurricular activity are required to consent to random drug testing. In addition, students applying for a parking permit are required to consent to random drug testing, and possess a driver’s license and proof of insurance. Students will only need to submit a consent form if they have not participated in the program previously at the high school.


Upcoming Events

Softball Jamboree (TBA)

14 August 2015

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Cost: Free
High School    |    Bolivar High School

Football Jamboree (T) JFK Parkview

14 August 2015

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Cost: Free
High School    |    Bolivar High School

Volleyball Jamboree (TBA)

17 August 2015

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Cost: Free
High School    |    Bolivar High School

Girls Tennis (H) Clinton

21 August 2015

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Cost: Free
High School    |    Bolivar High School

Football (T) Ozark

21 August 2015

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Cost: Free
High School    |    Bolivar High School

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